Alfred Hitchcock

Renowned as the true king of cinematic thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock has single handedly made what the cinema is today. Many would argue that cinema has also benefited from other great directors like Spielberg and Burton, but the fact that some of Hitchcock’s techniques and methods are still being regularly used today in mystery movies as well as thrillers; albeit with improvisations and modifications. Alfred Hitchcock Movies have attained cult status among his fans all over the world. Alfred Hitchcock directed around 55 movies out of which many are still being watched and critically praised even today! The Alfred Hitchcock Presents was a huge hit back in the 60s when it was started and the reruns are still airing till date. It was an hour long show with strange tales of deceit and deception at its finest. Alfred Hitchcock Movies were quite famous for the surprise endings they always had and the blonde accomplice who was always there in each of his movies. (

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